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  • What types of bicycles do you offer for rent?
    Our selection includes e-bikes, hybrid bikes, tandem bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and adaptive bikes.
  • For how long can I rent a bike?
    The minimum rental period is 2 hours, and we also offer overnight rentals (return by 9 am the next day), 24-hour rentals, and multi-day rentals.
  • How much does it cost to rent a bike from you?
    We offer the best prices in town and all proceeds go to supporting local charities. To see our prices, please check the "Price" section on our website.
  • What is your refund policy
    Within 24 hours of reservation = No Refund 25 - 72 hours prior to reservation = 50% Refund Outside of 72 hours of your reservation = Full Refund minus a 5% transaction fee
  • What if I need to return the bike after your business hours?
    We offer both overnight rentals and 24-hour rentals that you can use to return the bike after we're closed.
  • Is it necessary to make a reservation to rent a bike?
    While reservations are highly recommended to secure your desired bike and check availability, you can also walk up and rent a bike on the spot.
  • Where can I find your rental shop?
    We're located at the base of Knox Mountain, in the overflow parking lot near the lake. Our address is 589 Poplar Point Dr, Kelowna.
  • Where are some good places to bike in Kelowna?
    Some popular destinations include Knox Mountain Park (with multiple trails), the Rail Trail, downtown waterfront Kelowna, Abbots St. near the waterfront, Myra Canyon Trestles on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, Rose Valley Regional Park (multiple trails), Okanagan Mountain Park (multiple trails), and Crawford Trails (multiple trails).
  • Where does the Rail Trail start in Kelowna?
    Our recommended starting point for the Okanagan Rail Trail is at Gordon and Clement as seen in the picture below. This is just a few blocks form Kelowna Bike Rentals and is easy to access.
  • Do you provide helmets with the rentals?
    Yes, we require all riders to wear helmets, which are provided at no additional cost with the rental.
  • Do you have dog carriers available for rental?
    No, we do not have dog carriers available for rental.
  • What happens if there is damage to the rental bike?
    We'll keep your credit card information on file for the rental, and if there's any damage to the bike, we'll get a quote for repairs within 72 hours and charge your card accordingly.
  • Is Kelowna a bike-friendly city?
    Yes, Kelowna scored 98 for bikeable places in Canada and is known for its bike-friendly community, boasting the most extensive bicycle network in Canada for a city of its size.
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